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Graham Coulby

I am a Senior Full Stack Engineer at CetoAI in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I develop hardware, software and cloud development operations for bringing AI innovations to maritime transportation. I am currently developing solutions to increase maritime fleet availability, cut carbon emissions and reduce operational risk across shipping fleets around the globe.


University of Northumbria at Newcastle

2018 - 2022
Ph.D. (Computer Science)

Personalised Environmental Monitoring of Building Occupants: Integration of Scalable Technologies

University of Northumbria at Newcastle

2014 - 2015
B.Sc. Applied Computing

First Class Honours (84%)

Newcastle College

2007 - 2010
Fda Music Production



Senior Full Stack Engineer

2023 - PRESENT

In this role I develop hardware, software and cloud development operations for bringing AI innovations to maritime transportation. I am currently developing solutions to increase maritime fleet availability, cut carbon emissions and reduce operational risk across shipping fleets around the globe.

Senior Technician (Research Software Engineer)

2021 - 2023
University of Northumbria Newcastle

In this role I provide technical support to the Faculty of Engineering and Environment, where I provide technical support with a computer science focus. I am currently exploring research-enabling solutions for digitising our Internet of Things (IoT) network, while supporting researchers within faculty. I have developed a large-scale data transport system for exposing building sensor data from secure Building Automation Control Networks (BACNet) to wide-area-networks across a bespoke, secure, and uni-directional infrastructure built on emergent research and security best practices

Lecturer / Lab Demonstrator

2020 - 2023
University of Northumbria Newcastle

Alongside my PhD studies and work as a senior technician, I work supporting teaching at Northumbria University from levels 3 - 7. I teach in a range of subjects and roles within Computer and Information Sciences including demonstrating on Applied Computing and Project Management as well as preparing and delivering course materials on IoT Technologies. In this role, I have also supervised students and undertaken ethical reviews.

Computer Scientist / Consultant

2016 - 2018
BIM Academy

Seconded from Ryder Architecture, I worked on multiple projects across the UK and internationally. The primary role within in BIM Academy was to apply computer science to optimise business systems and deliver enhanced productivity, client service and design excellence for clients. The role also involved consultancy, strategic planning, data management and research.

Computer Scientist

2016 - 2018
Ryder Architecture

Worked alongside Ryder’s Technologies department on various internal research and development projects. I developed various software systems, Revit plug-ins and optimised work flows for improving efficiencies within the design teams and the wider practice. The role involved developing a strong understanding the industry practices in architectural design and model development, whilst gaining an understanding of the problems that work orders and commissions placed on projects.

Research Assistant

2015 - 2016
University of Northumbria Newcastle

Worked closely with industry partners; Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and ViewPoint, on DECCMR and Innovate UK funded projects. The role was a multi-disciplinary role, applying computer science to solve problems affecting the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. The role involved researching and applying machine learning principles to develop digital solutions for identifying assets within open standard 3D BIM models.

Volunteer English Teacher

2011 - 2014
Teach and Learn with Georia

The role involved volunteering in various urban and rural schools across the Republic of Georgia, whilst accommodated by a local Georgian family. The aim of the program was to integrate native English speakers into the local schools and homes of local families, to instill western pedagogical methodologies and ideals into Georgian culture. The role involved teaching English to school children of all ages.


Personalised and Sustainable IEQ Monitoring: Use of Multi-Modal and Pervasive Technologies

Journal Article
Published 1 March 2023
First Author
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Personalised Assessment
Multi-modal Monitoring
Internet of Things (IoT)
Building Occupants

A protocol for longitudinal monitoring of individual building occupants and their environments

Journal Article
Published 23 September 2022
First Author
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT in the Wild: An expedition of discovery for remote monitoring.

Conference Proceedings
Published 26 September 2021
First Author
UbiComp/ISWC 2021
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Ubiquitous Sensing

Frameworks: integration to digital networks and beyond

Book Chapter
Published 9 July 2021
First Author
Elsevier Press
Internet of Things (IoT)
Wearable Health Technology
Personal Fitness Tracker (PFT)
National Digital Framework
Daily Patient Management
Accessible Technology

Low-cost, multimodal environmental monitoring based on the Internet of Things

Journal Article
Published 31 May 2021
First Author
Building and Environment
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Sensor fusion
Internet of Things (IoT)
Building performance

Lifting Lockdown: Insights and experimentation into IoT opportunities for remote healthcare monitoring

Poster Presentation
Published 13 November 2020
First Author
North East Post-Graduate Conference 2020
Remote Monitoring
Internet of Things (IoT)
Free Living

Towards remote healthcare monitoring using accessible IoT technology: state‑of‑the‑art, insights and experimental design

Journel Article
Published 30 October 2020
First Author
Biomedical Engineering Online
Cloud Connectivity
Remote Monitoring

Just find it: The Mymo approach to recommend running shoes

Journel Article
Published 12 June 2020
Deep Learning
Gait Analysis
Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
Foot PronationRunning Shoes

A Scoping Review of Technological Approaches to Environmental Monitoring

Journal Article
Published 4 June 2020
First Author
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Commercial Building
Residential Building
Internet of Things (IoT)
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

The Building as a Lab: Towards the development of a toolbox

Conference Proceedings
Published 25 March 2020
First Author
ARCOM Doctoral Workshop
Internet of Things (IoT)
Living Labs
Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)


Programming Languages & Tools

*Scales denote confidence using language or tool


I am passionate about design, and I love all aspects of development from embedded systems to front-end development and have a particular love for React/Next and use it on most of my projects. Aside to my professional skills I am also interested in graphic design, music production, 3D modelling, video & tabletop gaming, electronics, retro computing, and games development. I have a keen interest in virtual reality, and I am familiar with Unity, Unreal and PICO-8 game engines. I am highly interested in embedded systems e.g., FPGA / Arduino / Raspberry Pi development. The latter skills, coupled with my experience working with architects and BIM, are what inspired me to begin researching IoT technologies.


Ede and Ravenscroft Prize


Awarded for best best academic performance in level six Computer Science and Digital Technologies.

Volunteer Teacher of the Year


Awarded whilst volunteering as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher in the Republic of Georgia.